Indoor Team Building


A wide range of ideas and thoughts can be taught only through speech. Pieces of training such as soft skills can occur anywhere right from the indoor classroom, outdoors, and online to sitting by the shore. At Youphoria, we have experienced facilitators, and coordinators to share ideas and thoughts directly intended to develop the listener’s personality and ultimately aim to enhance performances.

Hitting the Target Youphoria

Hitting The Target

Passing the Ring

Human Knot Youphoria

Human Scrabble

Human Knot Youphoria

Human Knot

Air Lock

Dry Rafting

Holey Plank Youphoria

Holey Plank

Holey Tarpaulin Youphoria

Holey Tarpaulin

The Fixer

The Collector

Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower Youphoria

Marshmallow Tower

Elbow Transfer

Pyramid Building

Tree of Appreciation Youphoria

Tree of Appreciation

Hoop Relay Race

The Giant Puppet

Trebuchet Catapult Challenge Youphoria

Catapult Challenge

Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge Youphoria

Photo Puzzle

Honai Tower Youphoria

Honai Tower

Pipe Tower

Mini Obstacle Course

Bungee Rope Challenge

Writing Runner

Writing Runner

Italian Job

Mobile Basket Ball

Plank Roller skating

Tower of Power

Toxic Oasis Youphoria

Toxic Oasis

Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge Youphoria

Jigsaw Puzzle

Angry Bird Youphoria

Angry Bird

Blind Trek

Treasure Hunt

Traffic Jam

Dead Drop

Flip the Carpet

Tank Roll

Mine Field Youphoria Team Building Activity

Mine Field

Finger Blaster Youphoria

Finger Blaster

ex. Remote

Exercise Remote

Blind square - Youphoria

Blind Square

Drums and Planks

Triangular COB WEB

Air Crash -Youphoria

Air Crash

Shapes and Colors Youphoria

Shapes and Colors

Magic Fruit Youphoria

Magic Fruit

Bricks and bucket Youphoria

Bricks and Bucket

Straw Joining

Blind tent pitching- Youphoria

Integrated BTP

Amazon Crossing - Youphoria

Amazon Crossing

Blind tent pitching- Youphoria

Blind Tent Pitching

Passing the water Youphoria

Passing the water

Bricks and Planks

Save the World

Passing the Glass

Air Rifle shooting Youphoria

Hit the target

Tyre and Ball Youphoria

Tyre and ball

Acid Lake Youphoria

Acid Lake

Split Pipes

Passing the ball Youphoria

Passing the ball

Cob Web

Australian planks - Youphoria

Australian Planks


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Identifying the missing pieces in the organization or the fading magic of it or perhaps just a lack of acceptance of the same; one of these is enough to get any organization into the act. As it is been rightly said “Acceptance first step towards transformation.” You cannot change if you don’t know where to start and those around you!


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