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Acid Lake

Pick up the object that landed/placed in the acid lake, the only way to collect those objects is via a safety harness or lifting by teammates. The intensity of the game is based on participants’ choice and availability of resources at the time.

Methodology One – The safety harness

With this safety harness, you can harness a person to this and hand him by the tree, pole, or anything that can hold the weight of that person. Another end of the harness will be attached to three more edges to adjust the hanging person so the team can move him over or bring him out or close to the object at the acid lake. The team can loosen the rope to help him reach the object or tighten the rope to take him away from the acid lake.

Make sure he/she does not fall in the acid lake marked with rope and can lavage the maximum rewards from the acid lake.

Methodology A- The human harness

If the location is suitable to put the harness over, then the rest of the team can hold the picker as a harness and help him pick the objects from the acid lake.

Each team will be divided into 3 sub-groups.

  • Group 1 Lifting group (Entire team except picker and guide)
  • Group 2 Guide (X person)
  • Group 3 Picker (X person)
  • Only the guide can communicate verbally and the rest of the team has to follow his/her instructions. 
  • No part of the body can touch the ground inside the acid lake, as depicted by the red/white tape.
  • Penalty for speaking or touching the ground will be rewarded

This activity helps foster a positive environment throughout the camp. Can foster a positive and motivational culture through the course. Whatever you have succeeded in collecting objects from the pool is the achievement of the entire team and that gives you a sense of achievement.

The guide will help through the entire course wherein leadership and hierarchy are developed.

Acid Lake

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