Split Pipes

Drop maximum marbles/balls in the container placed at the endpoint via a piece of pipe. The team can use all or can have one person as a guide based on their strategy/experience throughout the game, the team has the liberty to do that in between plays. While playing participants stand behind the line every time you start or every time you drop the ball in between. Participants are forbidden from touching the neighboring piece or bending the knee of the person who has possession of the ball. More rules are to be explained at the time of the activity.

This activity presents the challenge of decision making, quick decision making rather because you have a microsecond to think upon the action, and based on that action the feat of the task and teammates depends. Your action can jeopardize the entire project and the efforts of the rest of the participants so you are not helping yourself but the team as well. This also helps you understand the hierarchy, timeline management, and cohesiveness throughout the course.

Split Pipes

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