Bricks and Bucket

What can come first in the task is the ice breaking to make it full of fun and enjoyment we have brought you the new exercise just to get teams on a conformable level before entering into the action. Bricks and Buckets is another team-building session for teams. The task is simply one person from each team will have to hold the brick dumped in water with two fingers the fun part is the brick gets water socked and it becomes weightier than the normal state.

Most of the time two fingers are not enough but that’s the rule and that’s the only way it goes. Whoever holds the brick much longer will have the upper hand in the next assignments. Just to test the ability to concentrate on the game while performing. People often mistake games with one another and that is exactly what we want to eliminate more like, wipe out of the attitude of this kind. You listen before reacting think before talking and plan before performing that is what makes it easier to bring leaders ahead.

Resources always permit each contestant with the same amount of availability but only those who succeed who care to listen and act accordingly.

Bricks and Bucket

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