Amazon Crossing

A very interesting and collaborative this is; that you cannot do all things on your own when there is a lineup for a project or task that is been assigned. People often need teammates to work together to reach the utmost goal or desired outcome. Amazon crossing is a less physically exercised activity but the mind and it is always the best outcomes when great minds work together. 

Reach the other end of the circle area (Pass the Amazon quicksand metaphorically) A team of experts will mark the circled or square area as a danger zone. Teams will have to cross the area with given objects that can help them reach their end of the marked zone. There are a couple of precious items lying in the marked area and will have to pick as possible as they can to earn the reward points. Should not lose the teammate/s or any object/s given to them for help and if any team does will lead to penalties or even elimination.

Amazon Crossing

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