Triangular COB WEB

Triangular cobweb is mostly similar to the process except the web is triangularly designed to perform.

Triangular COBWEB is designed to perform the leadership training module. People follow the methods, rules, processes, and timelines which are been used for so many years, leadership has changed over the years but methods haven’t. The main purpose is to look closely and act differently. If the results have been satisfactory with management and the company there is always room for improvement and that’s what we would like you to see. This activity is not just for leaders but everyone and gives the insight to work simultaneously and shoulder to shoulder with everyone.

You can see the results have been set on the line where there is no change or compensation for yearly targets but if you put yourself and your team outside your comfort zone we are sure you will do great.

Triangular COB WEB

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Identifying the missing pieces in the organization or the fading magic of it or perhaps just a lack of acceptance of the same; one of these is enough to get any organization into the act. As it is been rightly said “Acceptance first step towards transformation.” You cannot change if you don’t know where to start and those around you!


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