Bricks and Planks

Many organizations use this exercise as a handy tool in team building it is being used under different names and with little change in methodology but the effectiveness is the same. Bricks and planks help team foster the mindfulness, cohesiveness, and team management. In this exercise area will be marked with colored tape to place the boundary and wooden blocks will be placed in a scattered manner, teams are asked to cross the entire pool of bricks/blocks with the help of 2 wooden planks, strings of rope to use over these bricks/blocks wherein all team members will be able to get another side of the pool without fail.

The team cannot keep members outside of the exercise, with no ground touching person or material as it is a poisonous pool and contagious so you may end up losing your team straight, material, and lives. Place the wooden planks in a fashion where one plank will be available to place forward along the way. Planks are heavy so you can use rope strings to move them. Upon successful crossing of the entire team, and the material provided, the team will be granted winning points. Touching ground may result in hefty penalties and strength of the team too to help move the planks. Just to avoid the attitude of minimizing no of people from the team to win easily penalties are heavier than the point you win.

This fosters working outside your comfort zone, do not let boundaries limit your vision. In constant learning you will find important objectives along the way cohesiveness is important, constant communication is very important, right instructions are crucial. One or all of these are part of constant learning behavior. The situation may bring out the best of you as there is no escape we tend to evolve to win.

Bricks and Planks

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