Holey Plank

Holey Plank is an engaging team-building activity designed to foster collaboration, agility, and effective communication within a group. In this dynamic game, participants work in pairs, facing each other and holding planks attached to strings. The planks are unique because they feature systematic holes, making it challenging for teams to keep balls from falling through them. The objective of the game is to successfully maneuver the balls through the holes in the planks, passing them from one pair to the next until the final pair can drop them into a container.

The primary goal of Holey Plank is to encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability among participants while having a fun and interactive experience. By navigating the systematic holes in the planks, teams must demonstrate effective communication and coordination to prevent the balls from dropping.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Teamwork: Participants learn to work together effectively to achieve a common goal.

Communication: Clear and concise communication is essential to prevent the ball from falling.

Agility: Teams must adapt to changing conditions and strategies as they progress.

Problem-Solving: Participants will need to develop strategies to navigate the systematic holes successfully.

Collaboration: Encourages mutual support and cooperation among team members.

Real-Life Applications: Holey Plank provides valuable lessons that can be applied to various


  • Holey Plank can accommodate 10 to 16 teams, each comprising pairs of participants facing each other with their planks.
  • Divide participants into pairs, ensuring that each pair faces each other.
  • Provide each pair with a plank that has systematic holes and a ball.
  • Explain the objective: Teams must work together to pass the ball from one end of the line to the other, ensuring it does not fall through the holes in the plank.
  • Emphasize the importance of communication, coordination, and agility in achieving the goal.
  • Start the game by having the first pair pass the ball through the holes in their plank to the next pair. Continue this process until the final pair successfully drops the ball into the container.
  • If a ball drops during the process, the team must restart from the beginning of the line.
  • Keep track of the time taken to complete the task.

In summary, Holey Plank is a captivating team-building activity that not only provides an enjoyable experience but also imparts essential skills for collaboration, agility, and communication, making it a valuable addition to team-building programs.

Holey Plank

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