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Tank Roll

Teams will find accomplishment after they discover the “Turning Point”. Tank roll is a group exercise to pull together a task they have been assigned to. The team has marked territory to roll on and has to follow the same path till the endpoint. Getting off of the roll or stepping out leads to a penalty.

Roll through a single roller sheet and reach the armored bunker to get some ammunition. This is the safest way to reach a safe zone while the enemy showers some ammunition fireworks and this safety is key to being alive in this war. Roll till you reach the endpoint via zigzag marking.

This activity requires participants to THINK & WORK as a team. Encourages systems thinking, where participants will come to realize that it is beneficial to see work processes as a whole instead of seeing them as parts.

Tank Roll

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Identifying the missing pieces in the organization or the fading magic of it or perhaps just a lack of acceptance of the same; one of these is enough to get any organization into the act. As it is been rightly said “Acceptance first step towards transformation.” You cannot change if you don’t know where to start and those around you!

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