Passing the water

This is not the water we asked you to collect but shows how collective efforts can do unimaginable. A simple form of team building activity is to pass on the glass of water above your head with both hands to the glass and drop it to the person standing just behind you and so on till the last person collects it in the bottle next container. The first couple of rounds will take to understand the narrative of the activity but every glass, every filled container at the end is a receipt of your collective efforts. Every time you have to make some adjustments, you all have the same task as the person next and behind you, but your actions are different in every sequence.

The first person will take the water from a bigger container so he can bend but the rest team stands still only adjustment you can make is with your upper body. Doing all this seems easy but zero verbal communication makes it even more difficult yet so laughable. Some of you will get damp, and wet in opposition to that some of you drop that water on yourself of wrong judgment while dropping behind, Even time ticking so that rush and conceal may send you to mix up so patience is a virtue in little more array of calmness is advised. There are so many things but collective efforts after putting great strategy may help you achieve all this without a fuss.

As mentioned earlier patience is a virtue and calmness is advised at every step of this activity. While doing this you are forced to think about yourself as well as the person next and behind you. Your help hand will leave a warm gesture on both of them and in return, you will have some gratitude and kindness. This can help foster collective efforts and a sense of belonging.

Passing the water

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