Drums and Planks

Often overlooked, less importantly treated but comes in for great fortune and life saver objects to bring the balance in project. Drums and planks help you gain confidence, planning, and execution at its best contemplating your opponent’s upshots. Activity is meticulously designed to undergo tough mental and physical strength to see how well team members perform. Teams have designated time to complete the projects and meet the client’s timeline hence some of the scientific design tasks to test the prowess.

Equipment: Metal drums and a plank.

  • To climb up the whole team one by one and take the whole team up to the end mark to complete the task.
  • Plank is placed upon the top of the three drums and the team stands on top of the plank.
  • No one is allowed to touch the floor between the start and finish.
  • Only the equipment provided can be used to complete the task.
  • Have a leader.
  • Limit communication styles used.
  • Getting everyone past the line is a burden.

Drums and Planks

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