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Mine Field

Method A

To retrieve specifically designed objects from the minefield whilst being blindfolded. The picker is blindfolded and the rest can see but cannot speak and have to pick those items while standing outside the marked circle, only the performer can be in by means but without touching the soil, may be lifting, hanging, leaning, etc. Each team is to pick/lift the maximum number of objects spread across the marked area. Not only the special objects are there some of the irrelevant items are there as well but you have to bypass them to pick only the intended ones. If pickers touch or pick the wrong objects that is a reward for the team with a penalty.

It shows how much the team cares for the goals you have set for your organization your seriousness about the team projects, and how you behave in an intense situation, the team shows trust and requires result-oriented planning.

Method B

Intense situations, a lot of noise and shush & hush, team members are keen on letting their performers get to another side of the minefield without stepping on mines. The team will have marked territory full of mines laid down across the field, couple of performers have to cross over to complete the task. The Task is simple just cross over the minefield area but avoid touching mines. Teams will have designated time to perform at every level the difficulty will increase and the performer to be other than the previous one.

It is not as simple as it may sound because other teams will be standing as disturbance creators giving wrong directions, making noise and possibly making it more difficult than it already is. This is where the team can learn to make planning something different than ordinary may be different language and verbal sounds, naming the direction differently to not let others disturb their plan.

Participants learn the importance of planning to attain their goals, especially in an untested and unfamiliar environment – simulated by being blindfolded. Decision-making. Ability to think out-of-the-box when left with limited resources available.

Mine Field

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