Blind Square

“No one plans to fail but many fail to plan”. Success in Blindfold Square is dependent on the team’s ability to put a plan together – A plan with a clear goal and well-defined roles. 

Blind Square has two different methodologies traditional one is to make a square with the rope while blindfolded,

Another and very interesting one is to bring back blindfolded teammates dispersed in the nearby area but only one person can see & instruct is the leader. The rest team cannot speak or question the authority, and even the leader can’t speak the human language either to the sound of a mammal’s instructions or use code words (Like military) for the entire game.

Out of frustration or overjoy if the leader or any of the teammates say other than script will have to bear a penalty each time.

Learning points:

1) Participants learn the importance of planning to attain their goals in an untested and unfamiliar environment, simulated by their being blindfolded. 

2) Out-of-the-box thinking is required to act with limited resources and handicaps.


Blind Square

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