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A treasure hunt is one of its one-of-a-kind games with min five and a maximum it can be exceeded to 200 players who try to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues provided by the organizer. The outline of the program is very simple and easy but how the game is being played gets crazy just like it is named, literally hunting the object or places. The treasure hunt can be played indoors and outdoors format given the nature of the outline of the program. Outdoors it can be played in an organization/college campus, an open space fairly familiar to the participants, garden, indoors it can be played in a closed area, a specifically allotted space, or a working area, which would make hiding the clues hard and finding it even harder.

The treasure hunt as a group activity is accredited to socialites: “In the Treasure Hunt like-minded, intellectual men would be paired off with great thinkers, beauties and glamor with the talent to place the balance in groups. Shaping the nature of the event in such a manner equally distributes elements required for the completion of the task. Given the course of the Clue series or Escapades series, anything could happen.
Treasure hunt games are widely famous in various groups such as corporate groups, groups of friends, kids, students, social groups, or random pairs if hosted in open entry events or flea markets. The organizer hosts the activity to perform and hence teams have been formed. The teams have to follow the rules and regulations set by the host to keep intact the nature of the game when it’s being played.
Treasure trails are a variation based on the theme of a treasure hunt in which participants follow a set of rules, regulations, and directions and discover clues to help solve a puzzle enroute without disturbing the rest of the clues and surrounding clues of fellow participant’s teams. Participants to follow the trails may be on foot or use vehicles, including public transport or a specified mode of transport. They may follow circular routes or be linear.

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