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Straw joining

Bring the child in you, those days have gone by far and memories still searching through that rugged book of childhood. Thousands of straws and little time in hand to make a chain through the marked area. Marking is purely based on the objectives you seek to achieve.

Where does team building come into the picture?

Well, even if you have small marbles to play there is always a catch in each one of those activities we asked you to perform. Clocks ticking, terrain to play only through the marked area, each one of you to be part of it, no loopholes, and no inferior work all things have to have followed. All you are efficiently working, time management in place, working in a team, coordination throughout the series, and more importantly a sense of accomplishment.

Want to gear up and get your squad to task if you can do it, let’s do it Contact us.

Straw Joining

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