Blind Trek

This is the shortest and parallel version of the blind snake, but few different dimensions at the start and end. This activity has its own series of challenges and difficulties. The Blind Trek is designed mostly as a communication exercise, on how to build an excellent efficient, and communicative team in the organization. All blindfolded participants are working in a similar fashion except the first person who is collecting rewards and the last one who can see and guide them with appropriate physical signs/taps to collect those objects and cross the obstacles.

The path of the trek and rewards will be shown to the leader once the team is blindfolded just to maximize the challenge.

  • The team will stand in a straight line at first, facing one direction and the hands and shoulders of the next person.
  • All your members will be blindfolded except the last person who is the guide and who will give directions to the team.
  • No one can speak while the activity runs and participants will only have to follow the appropriate physical tap as an instruction and only mode of communication. 
  • In between there are obstacles as well some of them will have to cross-crawling or big step up but cannot let go far from your hands or proximity of your teammates especially next to you.
  • If any member of the team touches the bar on the critical point you will be awarded penalty points.

This is a classic example of how you do under pressure situations and when you trust your colleague to achieve the foremost target. This helps you establish excellent communication within the team and is the opposite of this when you fail to follow the instructions while working towards a common goal.

The team has its own dimensions so you are the best to observe the behavior through this exercise towards the changes you need to make within the teams.

Blind Trek

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