Air Crash

Carry the ball through a marked area standing in a circle and move around as it is. Simply pick the ball on a metal ring attached to the rope strings. Each person holds one string until it comes to a certain tension and can place it under the ball lying on the floor. Pick the ball and walk around in the designated path till the end without dropping the ball. It sounds simple but all the strings should be equally tensed so the ball will be balanced perfectly.

Do not drop the Ball. Participants to stay within the track. Each string is to be held from its tip between the index finger and thumb. The string should not be tied to the finger. A penalty will be rewarded every time the ball drops. If a team drops a ball you have to start all over again.

All of this engagement is important, engaged employees are more productive than non-engaged it is as simple as that. Organizations are keener on keeping all boxes checked while going forward so this will help you foster team building and collective efforts, Tem who has more equal contributions to the task is more likely to achieve timeline management and earn some perks for yourself. This also helps in looking at the bigger picture.

Air Crash

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