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Leadership GRID

A wide range of ideas and thoughts can be taught only through speech. Pieces of training such as soft skills can occur anywhere right from the indoor classroom, outdoors, and online to sitting by the shore. At Youphoria, we have experienced facilitators, and coordinators to share ideas and thoughts directly intended to develop the listener’s personality and ultimately aim to enhance performances.

Human Knot Youphoria

Human Scrabble

Human KNot1

Human Knot


Cross Over

Air Crash -Youphoria

Air Crash

Shapes and Colors Youphoria

Shapes and Colors

Magic Fruit Youphoria

Magic Fruit

Bricks and bucket Youphoria

Bricks and Bucket

Dominp Challng

Domino Effect

Mumbai Local 1

Mumbai Local

Corporate quiz competition


Mimicry Imitation


Calling the shots

Calling the shot

We can do it Youphoria

We Can Do It

Ice Breaking Youphoria

Turn Around

The Big picture Youphroria

The Big Picture

Tabular tunes Youphoria

Tabular Tunes

Sync or swim Youphoria

Sync or Swim- Dry pool swimming mimic

Sound FX – Make A Wacky Noise of Cars or Birds Youphoria

Sound FX

Harmony in Motion - One Voice Slogan Nice Youphoria

Harmony in Motion – One Voice Slogan Nice

Meditation Audio Video Youphoria

Meditation– Audio | Video

Make them sit- Lazy Man's Chair Youphoria

Human Chair

Make them sit- Lazy Man's Chair Youphoria

Make them Seat- Lazy man’s chair

JAM- Just a minute Youphoria


Head to toe Youphoria

Head To The Toe

Fish & Fisherman ice Breaking

Fish and Fishermen

Fever Pitch- Virtual Volleyball Youphoria

Fever Pitch – Virtual Volleyball

Body Percussion Team building activity youphoria

Body Rap

Blow the Blues away- Mouth Organ energizer

Blow The Blues Away- Mouth organ energizer


Fever Pitch


Let's hammer on
Right stone

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