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Harmony in Motion - One Voice Slogan Nice

To encourage participants to work together, communicate effectively, and synchronize their actions using only their voices. This one does not need any kind of instruments specifically only your voice is enough to create the rhythmic pattern is enough
Making all participants stand in a circle, facing each other. While facilitator explains that in this activity, participants will be using their voices to create a synchronized rhythm and pattern. The facilitator will start the introductory pattern with a small pattern like clapping your hands twice to establish the rhythm. Participants should listen to this initial rhythm.

Voice Layering: Each participant, in clockwise order, will contribute a unique sound using their voice that adds to the overall rhythm. The sound can be a simple beat, a hum, a whistle, or any sound they are comfortable making with their voice.

Synchronization: As the sounds start to layer, participants should pay close attention to the rhythm and adapt their sounds to fit within the established pattern. Encourage participants to listen to each other and adjust their timing accordingly.

Passing the Sound: After a round of contributions, the participant to your right will take the lead and establish a new rhythm with their chosen sound. This process continues until everyone has had a chance to initiate a rhythm.

After everyone has contributed, you will be left with a mesmerizing feeling of achievement. Emphasizing the importance of effective communication and active listening within a team. Discussion held on how everyone’s contribution played a role in creating a harmonious outcome.

Remember, the most important aspect of any icebreaker activity is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where participants can have fun while getting to know each other better

Harmony in Motion – One Voice Slogan Nice

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