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Just a Minute” is a popular icebreaker activity that challenges participants to speak on a given topic for one minute without hesitating, deviating from the topic, or repeating themselves. It’s a fun and engaging way to encourage spontaneous speaking, quick thinking, and creativity. This activity is often used in group settings, workshops, training sessions, or team-building events to break the ice, energize participants, and foster communication skills.

Also, a very recent addition to this activity is taken from a major #exercise LEMMINO developed by YOUPHORIA to dominate the whole session and entertain a category of customer requirement forms. In this methodology, participants are put through a series of small tasks to be completed individually and in groups. This creates more hype and energy before stepping into new and bold engagement sessions.


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Identifying the missing pieces in the organization or the fading magic of it or perhaps just a lack of acceptance of the same; one of these is enough to get any organization into the act. As it is been rightly said “Acceptance first step towards transformation.” You cannot change if you don’t know where to start and those around you!

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