Fever Petch

This activity is worth the amusement participants can harnessed. Need to be precise about the operation; people always get uncomfortable at first while stepping on someone’s balloon. Once you hear the bursting sound, it’s already a mess with busted balloons and laughter around, and seeing people connecting through ice breakers.
Each person has a balloon on a string tied to their ankle; the string needs to be long, long enough to float at a safe distance and minimize the chances of someone getting hurt.
The game’s object is for each person to try and pop everyone else’s balloon by stepping or sitting on them while simultaneously keeping their balloon safe.
This icebreaker is a great treat to the participants, and you will end up with very unlikely winners. Participants to be careful as there might be a chance of hurting someone because wearing a hard shoe sole or hill might pin someone’s foot.

Fever Pitch

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