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Cross Over

Stand in a circle facing each other and change the position opposite to your current position. This game is a very popular form of team-building activity in the modern era. Activity gets slowly wild with every passing minute. You can start with a slower version of cross-over, every time the instructor changes his speed, and at every speed, you make the expected moves.

The whole team will stand in a circle facing each other, the team will have one instructor with a whistle, and on his command, and one pair will shuffle their respective position, and so on. The team must remember to go through the circle while the mandatory center object touches towards shuffling. The team must follow the timeline and whistle commands. Make some rounds until the team gets efficient achievement.

Shuffling at a certain speed makes it fun yet efficiently productive. Each shuffle round brings efficiency. Practice makes perfect and that is how it teaches us to achieve. Coordination is a must, humor at every stage, and open to instruction all the time.

Cross Over

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