The Big Picture

Bringing together the most important aspect of the organization, the picture helps you build a personal touch to connect with its people. People are representations of their company; they are the beating heart of the brand.

The picture is a giving back experience and appreciating the moment for the people and their contribution. It will surely bring smiles and radiance to the face of your people.

Upon the arrival at your conference, each delegate is pictured against different colored backgrounds, after the conference is concluded, all the images are processed through our computer program to an incredible wholesome finale that features your participants as the stars of the evening.

Set along with a striking soundtrack, a fast-track sequence of pictures appears on the big screen. The images appear in quick succession, individuals multiply in numbers as the slide show moves forward, and the images of the people snowball with four, sixteen, and sixty-four. As the slide keeps on expanding and zooms out, it starts to assemble and consolidate the logo or conference message. Bringing the very essence of the company together and celebrating its people together.

The picture is a powerful and encouraging way to bring a conference to a conclusion, in less than five minutes, highlight and celebrate the roles of all the individuals and see the success of your company coming together.

The Big Picture

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