Domino Effect

The creativity was put to the test! Quick adaptations that will govern the final result! Who will have the better structure to facilitate consistency? Will the team build a steady chain of events? Ingenious of mind and innovation will join hands to keep the knock-on effect. The Domino Effect is truly fun and exciting with strong underlying team-building elements of communication planning and collaboration.

The Challenge

Each team is given the responsibility of building its own Domino sensation! Each with its difficulties and adaptive structure.

Program outline

Debrief of the domino effect usually brings a great sense of understanding the task and can be constructed in a fun manner.

The first half of the activity is to compete between teams for various items that will be later used in building the Domino structure, such as light bulbs, books, pens, balls, etc. The final task will be determined based on how well the teams manage to collect items. Once the first half of the activity comes to an end, each of the teams will be given their dominos and all the materials that they have gathered to build their own Domino masterpiece. After the set-up of the dominos is done the fun begins. The stunner of this activity is that every piece counts, and if one item fails to push the domino ahead, the whole thing falls apart.

It has the added advantage of finishing with a win/win, ensuring all teams take part in the conclusion.

Who will have the steadier hand??

Domino Effect

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