Sound FX

To break the ice and help participants get to know each other through creative and interactive activities. Make noise with the scenario presented to you which makes a wacky noise of cars or birds, ships taking off, walking through jungles, etc.

Remember, the goal of the “Sound FX” icebreaker is to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment where participants can have fun, use their creativity, and uniquely interact with each other. The facilitator will start by explaining the activity to the participants. Let them know that they will be using their imagination and creativity to create sound effects for different scenarios.

Materials Needed: Paper and pens/pencils and magic pannier for each participant.

A list of scenarios or situations that participants can act out.

Few of the scenario examples:

Walking through a dense forest.

Opening a creaky door.

A spaceship taking off.

Pouring a glass of water.

A thunderstorm approaching.

Riding a roller coaster.

Teaming Up: Having participants team up with about 10 /to 15 participants and ask them to make the sound in one specific scenario, one of the blindfold instructors will judge the performance just by his hearing ability which gives a fair chance to each team.

In small teams pair up with someone they don’t know well or haven’t spoken to yet. In case of odd numbers instructor will help the remaining person in pairing in this way they can be guided as well as fill out the left space as,

Each pair will take turns. One person in the pair will be the “sound maker” and the other will be the “guesser.”

The “sound maker” will choose a scenario from the list and use only their voice and body to create sound effects that represent that scenario. They can’t use any words or actual objects.

The “guesser” will listen to the sound effects and try to guess which scenario the “sound maker” is portraying.

Switch Roles: After a set amount of time (about 1-2 minutes), have the participants switch roles. The “guesser” becomes the “sound maker” and vice versa.

This “Sound FX” icebreaker activity not only encourages creativity and communication but also provides a lighthearted way for participants to connect and have fun together

Sound FX

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