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Fever Pitch – Virtual Volleyball

Bringing the carefree enthusiasm of the world of football into the suits of cooperating culture. Let go into the spirit of the cheering crowd, the very heart and soul of the ground energy, and experience its pangs and pleasure of passion.

In ( Ground), two teams are made out of a group: Red and Blue. Both teams are led by an engaging manager. Both the teams watch football clips in their complete adventure and stimulating sound effects. Both teams are in charge of replicating the sounds of the clip, on cue and in symmetry of their teams.

For a wholesome experience of the game, all the actions are repeated including the starting whistle, the thump of football against the boots, the racking ‘ooosshh’ of a missed shot, the bang of the ball on the post, and certainly the speculating and screaming ‘Goal’ shout that fills the stadium with energy and celebration.
There are verbal and instrumental sound effects that accompany the participant with the match action, including team anthems and chants from the stands. Each of these scenarios is done under the close eye of the team manager.

Zest Ground reaches its climax with the penalty shoot-out. The winning team gets to celebrate with the legendary Mexican wave moving from the front to the back of the room. A fevered, zealous, and highly motivating experience will surely liberate the participants and open up the audience.

This can go the other way around in different methodologies, when different verticals come in for some kind of meet-ups, meetings, seminars, and projects, and do not know the participants well, this exercise can be fruitful. The group is divided into small teams and virtually throws the ball in the direction of the person by calling his/her name to and fro for a couple of rounds. And there you have most of them familiar by their names at least and some shared moments with this exercise.

Fever Pitch – Virtual Volleyball

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