Mumbai Local

Clocks ticking, as I was late for my meeting and it was my 2 or 3 experience, but it was different from what I have experienced as it was densely populated by travelers like me but not sure how many of these can make successful boarding to their respective destinations. Saw one train coming but already looked full and hushed I was disappointed that won’t be able to reach in time, and saw some space was vacated as people alighted the local to this station before it could stop completely.

Suddenly what was happening at that time I was amazed; everyone changed their posture, and grab their luggage close to their chest, those who wanted to deport already got on the train, and those who alighted already went on the skywalk, and disperse in thin air? There was not enough room where should I be standing; people were on one foot it was amazing how they could shift on both feet immediately. Just as I was wondering where I should put my foot somebody pushed the entire crowd and I got in abruptly. I was just on one leg I could stand on it. A fellow passenger saw my lost face and said “Made some room for me” and the journey started.

A train full of passengers, stations coming and going, pushing and making a way in & out, standing, sitting if they get the chance, small vendors through that local were able to make a business where I could barely stand the same thing kept happening till I got to my destination. Whatever happened there is still a fresh memory for me.

Now here is the experience from which the activity is been formed. Replicate the above scenario to deliver the best of the “Mumbai Local” experience to your team. Some of you will have to be the train, and some you have to perform as travelers and vendors as the activity progresses you will get another addition of challenges in it.

Mumbai Local

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