Waterfall Rappelling

Testing your X-Factor is an always endearing test to self, and taking that test requires guts and strength. “Died throat, adrenaline-pumping muscles tense, cold water added to the excitement. Rappelling down to the 40-50 feet high waterfall along with your colleagues it is the roar and self-belief that gets you going. 

The wide expanse of the Sahyadri Mountains, a clear blue sky above, and a gushing milky white waterfall to rappel down – Youphoria chooses the unique places in nature to give you that ‘clinical’ experience of adventure! Imagine camping out on level one – halfway down a waterfall, under an open sky, and enjoying the outing with your team.

It teaches you to stay calm when the storm hits and uplift yourself when you are ready to move not when others asked you to do so. Instructors work closely with the team tanking them by neck route to the narrow passages with another side stretched mouth wide open. But you have a team of experienced instructors to take you safely to the base and start working on another task. Rappel down 40-50 ft. down with a cold waterfall, and a little drizzle, and a few more meters down to achieve the feat.

Would you choose a day picnic with lavish food or adrenaline adrenaline-rushing experience with home-packed food? “I think wiser make a wise decision.”

Waterfall Rappelling

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