Valley Crossing

“I was not born with wings, but adventure gave me one.” From where you are aligned, the valley floor is 1000 ft. below, making the land seem like a tiny green playground. It’s 300 meters away to another mountain, where everyone cheers you on while you rappel down.

It’s time to fly!

Just like birds spread their wings and kick off from the ledge and zip across the valley….”

Valley crossing is the pure form of adventure and gives you that adrenaline rush, fun, strength, self-belief, and a sense of achievement. Those who have zipped across this thousand ft. deep valley, at breakneck speed, are amazed by the experience and glad that they chose this experience to have with their team.

So, if you have been looking for that perfect corporate get-away, a chance for the team to get some fresh air, relax, and coalition with each other…. then this is an incredible option. Youphoria offers a day or weekend-long, valley crossing adventure trip where the goal is pure adventure along with a small trek to the pick, food preparation, tent pitching, gazing at the stars, lifting your feet with mild organic music, and letting go of yourself in the flow.

The word adventure creates a different kind of feeling in different individuals. Generally, adventure implies thrill and excitement, risks and dangers, trust, and belief, the unexpected and extraordinary experiences.

Youphoria promises to make Valley Crossing an experience you are not likely to forget. If you are someone who believes in gifting another adventure experience to yourself? Try flying across a valley with us.

Valley Crossing

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