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“Excitement of scaling new experience while looking upon mighty mountains, some of us are frequent wanderers some of us chose scaled terrain and chose overlook these lush green beauties. Wandering at the base of which mountain we are going to trek on each one of them looks so different from the other yet so close to the beauty they are offering. Wind striding, you gaze upon the mountain, breathing heavily at first but at the same time appreciating the surroundings with trees of all sizes and innumerable shades of green. You follow a line of trekkers up to a hidden waterfall, your daily commute, the pressures of your workday, and the to-do list pending on your table… are now distant memories…..

All that matters now is appreciating the beauty of these mighty Sahyadri Mountains …”

The Sahyadri is known for its rugged terrain, rigid route and pinnacles, historic hill forts, ponds, and extensive forest region – is a virtual paradise for trekking, climbing, and camping. The Sahyadri provides a wide choice of outdoor adventure to all lovers of outdoor life – the trekker, wanderer, climber, and nature lover. Youphoria Hospitality & Outdoor offers one of the best treks in this region, following a trail that takes you through lush green fields, remote villages, virgin forests, and hidden falls. The Sahyadri Mountain ranges with hundreds of historic hill forts.

Youphoria Hospitality & Outdoors organizes treks to carefully selected forts from among these hundreds. We aim to provide you with a unique and great experience with us as you walk down in remote and obscure locations. One of these locations is Maharashtra’s oldest town Ratanwadi at the base of Ratangarh before Harishchandragarh. – A hill fort in Ahmednagar that boasts of remnants of the ‘Micro lithic man’ and caves adorned centuries-old with the oldest lord Shiva temple. Maharashtra has a lot more to offer from east to west and south to north. The Pune region has maximum forts in and around with each one with a unique identity. Hardcore trekkers always hop on weekends, night owl starts late at night, and some of them choose a day in and day out. All trekking activities are combined with one or more adventure sports activities like waterfall rappelling, camping, rock climbing, or river rafting. Youphoria Hospitality & Outdoors also organizes ‘Coastal Treks’ to pristine locations along Maharashtra’s coastline. Coastline treks offer groups a wide range of options to camp on a beach, eat the local delicacies, visit coconut farms, fresh palm wine in the morning, or beach walk with your loved ones.

The best thing about trekking is that it never gets old and always has something new to offer. Core treks, leisure outings with friends and family, or even with your colleagues are the dependent shared joy of pristine life.

Get your sack, lamps, and tents to settle under the million stars maybe some music, and enjoy your camping with lush beauty….. Contact us


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