Trebuchet Challenge

A trebuchet is a mechanism-based weapon of destruction in the Middle Ages either to smash enemy land or projectiles over them. It was easy enough to throw big round-shaped stone or metal objects at high speeds into enemy fortifications. Trebuchets became out of use in the 14th century, well after the introduction of gunpowder. Trebuchet is a type of Catapult when it was more accurate than any of the weapons of its kind and well it was big enough to scare the enemy easily.

Youphoria Hospitality and Outdoors revives this long-forgotten medieval weapon to bring an exciting team-based activity that is refreshing, fun, intellectually stimulating – and most importantly a long-forgotten memory of our forefathers. 

In the Trebuchet Challenge, teams are challenged and have the task of designing these medieval weapons to protect their “Empires” from enemy invasion. A successful launch demands that the team members allocate roles basis the capabilities of individuals or divide into small groups with different responsibilities. Reach a common understanding, adjust to changing scenarios, and communicate effectively to achieve the goal. As a part of the game teams must decide the roles and rules, ground and line (Enemy line or territory) on common ground, and then start.

Where can The Trebuchet Challenge be held?

The Trebuchet Challenge can be held in a hotel function room, resort, outdoors, or within your office premises – in sufficient spaces. The mobility of this program allows us to move anywhere with you and can be held anywhere if we have free space. But there come the objectives, we would suggest the appropriate setting to enhance the team learning experience. 

Are you ready for the Trebuchet Challenge?

Trebuchet Challenge

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