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Traffic Management

We inspect the viability of the circumstance mindfulness issue inquiries in expectation area execution and conduct in a human-on the up and up reenactment and taking care of. Simulation with low and high density, the problem would be shared with the facilitator before the program, and accuracy and response latencies would be measured. The hierarchical linear module will be used to analyze the predictive power of each participant.

Response latencies for conflict problems and questions predictive performance modules associated with separation assurance.

One route will be assigned to the whole participant; later on, it will divide the crowd into small teams at each signal point with one RTO Officer. The officer explains the nominal rules and makes sure people would follow them. Submission of the error report to the RTO department is necessary, so we need to take a step accordingly.

All signs, signboards, and hoarding are to be held at the time of the campaign.

The virtual setting has a different methodology.

Traffic Management

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