Track winds- Deccan winds

Venturing in the naval winds of the Maratha empire

Track winds are going to bring a group together and teach the value of information gathering and teamwork.

Sail and charge to the high tides with the naval-theme challenge. Trade Winds is a highly interactive and fun activity that challenges each delegate’s communication, networking, and negotiation skills. 

 The event transports teams back in time; to 16th Century Konkan ports. Each team plays the part of the crew on a naval ship that comes ashore with just a few possessions and valuable information. By trading these possessions and using their knowledge, teams can build relationships with other parties and dealers within the town. Opportunities are seamless for the wise and street-smart, though collapsing and sinking are never far from stormy oceans.

After a small briefing on the history and task, the VADI (GAON) comes to life with hustle and bustle.

The adventures set forth. All members must be smart and also be polymaths with problems on the way and find winning solutions. The ultimate task of the activity is to become the wealthiest ‘MAVALA GROUP’ in the town.

Trade Winds is a fun and rewarding team-building interactivity task. Props like sea fearer hats, Pheta and face covering scarf, toy swords, hook for hands, BHAVANI roar, and war cry music bring together a real-life experience. Office theme and even some Maharashtrian seafood complete the port atmosphere and make this an event that will live long in each participant’s memory.

Track winds

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