The opening event of the Tomatina kicks off the carnival at around 8:00. “Location” is what it is. Primarily outside, in the woods, far from home, and in the presence of nature, with care taken not to harm the beauty of the environment. The objective is to climb a rope-equipped, greased pole and grab the Coif/CAP at the summit. Before the game begins, the audience works up a frenzy of singing and dancing upon arriving and is splashed with water from hoses or lakes.

Once the Coif/Cap has been removed from the pole, the tomato fight can begin by firing water shots into the air, and trucks can then begin to arrive. At around 9:00, a loud shot signals the start of the event, and chaos ensues. Numerous trucks scatter tomatoes everywhere throughout the area. The tomatoes are from Nashik, which is home to Asia’s biggest tomato market. Where these are specifically cultivated for various uses, including food preparation, sausages, ketchup, holidays, blends, etc. It is required that all participants wear gloves and goggles. To lessen the chance of harm, the tomatoes must be crushed before being tossed.

Approximately 2,000 000 tomatoes, or more than 50 metric tons, are thought to have been used. The second shot is fired to signal the completion of the event after one hour, ending the throwing custom by whatever means. Rivers of tomato juice are flowing freely, and the town and its squares are painted red. Participants wash the tomato sauce off their bodies with hoses or local lakes after the fire crew waters down the streets. Some participants wash up in the dam’s pool. Because the acidity of the tomato disinfects and completely cleans the surfaces, the area and streets are spotless after the cleaning.

Rules of the festival:

For the festivals and the attendees’ safety, the Municipal Corporation and local law enforcement agencies abide by the following brief list of guidelines:

  • To prevent harm, the tomatoes must be crushed before being thrown.
  • Other projectiles, like bottles or other objects, are not permitted; doing so is a crime.
  • Do not remove or tug at other contestants’ shirts.
  • When the event is underway, pay attention to the barricades and the tomato-carrying truck that is going by.
  • Participants will be required to sign disclaimers from the administrator and organizer.
  • No tomatoes shall be tossed after the second shot designating the conclusion of the tomato toss.


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