Time Bond

Teams will be divided into numbers of fours and sixs according to the total strength. Each group will be made responsible for defusing a bomb that is about to explode. This power drill will make the teams work under pressure as the clock is ticking faster. 

The members will be standing 15-20 feet away from the bomb perimeter and each member will be given clues that will help in figuring out the code for deactivating the bomb. 

Inside the perimeter of the bomb, there are numbers written boldly on the cardboard. Each member of the group will be allowed to enter the perimeter once press the number they have found as the code and return to the base. The group must coordinate among themselves and try to prevent the bomb from going off. 

Engagement Rules:

  • The group must start and finish on the base.
  • Everyone in the group must touch a number from 1-9 
  • One person is allowed to touch one number and speak it out loud.
  • Everyone must stay at the base and only enter the perimeter when they are asked to (I.e. no stepping across or standing inside).

Beneficial Values to the Task

Did the task hold up to your expectations in terms of difficulty level?

How does optimizing your plan help you improve your time?

What measures were considered through which leaders were chosen?

What made you a good team while achieving the given task?

Time Bond

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