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The Stagecraft- The show must go On

We all have a part in putting together a play or drama at School or College and remembered it by now. Always a great deal and hours of discussion bring smiles to our faces. You can get the same experience to remember and share a laugh with your coworker. Stagecraft challenge activity is designed to bring teamwork, creativity, coalition, time management, and more importantly FUN within the teams and at the workplace.

The team rushes through the activity area to rehearsal rooms, auditoriums, parking lots, and meeting halls as they want their play to be different and the whole campus is buzzed together.

The play was one of the first forms of entertainment from the Middle Ages and over the years we have grown big. Unlike theatre does not allow for any retakes. This is where all the preparation, dialogue delivery, action & reactions – need to come together in one seamless flow, to put up a show that will be understood and appreciated. Regardless of any obstacles that then come up, the show must go on…

Youphoria Hospitality and Outdoors recreates the magic of drama, in a whole new team-building activity. Teams are assigned topics that could be creative, interesting, and linked to corporate themes and values. It can be fun exciting, entertaining, and finding the creativity in all of us.

Making play/drama is not an easy task to put together. A Lot of questions need to be answered – and a lot of decisions to be made. What is the storyline? What are the punch lines, What about the script and dialogues? Who does what? What if someone forgets his lines? How do we use the props? What make-up to put on? What about the rehearsals? What are the last-minute replacements? Lead actors and mentors have to be on the same page as the team goes live.

Teams will have to make all the decisions on what props to be used, who is playing what, time allotment, area to be used, actors’ placement, dialogue delivery, and most importantly rehearsal. The team must remember all the rules placed and explained to them because there is always a catch in each sentence you hear from our instructor and facilitators 

Teams are nervous thinking of playing their parts in the back of their head. The buzz in the air, participants getting cold fits, competitors making confident noise, teams’ expectations, what will others be thinking. Everything rushed through the minds and nerves eventually. Judges/Facilitators always look for the story within the story. Different elements of organizational work come into play, to put together a successful play – there is leadership, creativity, communication, crisis handling, role allocations and execution, operational matters, logistics issues, financial matters, teamwork, and collaboration…

Finally, it’s time for a LIVE show.

Teams and judges take their seats as a team after the team takes the stage and delivers their play. There are no second acts – no retakes. How well can a corporate team with no prior experience in theatre come together to pull this incredible experience?

This activity can accommodate up to 500 people exercising and teams will get their turn.

Do you think your team can pull off This Stagecraft Challenge?

The Stagecraft

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