Team Torque

There are alternatives for bringing people together than building a model of speed machines and challenging your team against each other; that’s exactly the purpose that team torque serves. Perhaps you’d like to impress your clients with your engineering skills and a day at the race track, or maybe you would like to encourage some friendly in-house competition. The choice is yours! 

To begin, each team needs to win the parts for construction by completing different tasks. The next step is to give the model of your car a unique and personal touch while the assembling and designing are done. 

Whatever your choice of companion/opponent, everyone will be expected to push the boundaries and think unconventionally to deliver a truly unique race car that is fast and beautiful based on a strict budget and strict time limitations. Your machines can add your company brand and product placement as it is highly recommended.

After the car building is complete, the show begins and the competencies of each team member add up, contributing different skills. The mechanic on the track pumps the air to build incredible pressure into the car that sails it as far as it can from the start line. The car covering the farthest distance wins the race.

This energetic gaming race challenge can be played in a variation of a tournament or a one-off competition. Combined with other team-building activities for companies or individual parties.

Team Torque

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