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Survival Challenge- Stay alive!

It does not need much but take a trip walking in a dense forest, winds whirling, insects chirping, and bats flying randomly. And you know our imagination is more powerful than reality you always see the shape of ghosts, well we are talking about taking a challenge possibly a bit of expedition in nearby terrain.

Survival challenge requires completing a series of tasks in a designated time as it gets heavier and deeper to the end. We will give you an experience that you will remember for a long period.

The Survival Challenge is an opportunity for you and your team to challenge yourself and master your fears. A series of heart-pounding activities, sweaty palms, and cold feet because neither everyone is experienced nor an expert in these kinds of activities. The survival challenge is designed to let go of your fear and understand the timeline and cooperation within the team. The challenge is being held for a couple of days these two days like would involve a series of activities like rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, staying out in the woods, preparing your food, and setting up your tents. Many more will test your endurance and attempt to put you at the brim of thrill and nerve-ending fun perhaps with some utensils music, dance, and campfire.

The challenge normally starts with small debriefing and ice-breaking activities and an introduction to the nearby area because you are going to get there in a while. Adventure activities teach balance, overcoming your fear, coordination, and concentration along with a great sense of confidence, a positive view of self, and leaping beyond the barriers of perceived limits and a whole lot of planning. The level of difficulty (mental, physical, and emotional) found within the activities is dependent upon the level at which each person & team challenges themselves.

Once you are done with base activities you drive/walk down to the night camp activities, set up your tents, and find a seemingly perfect location for the fireplace (Chulha- Traditional stove) because you need to cook your food and see who has great skills in cooking. People are rushing through the required things, making a menu list, and checking their grocery list because this is the last chance to ask for anything you require for the night challenge, and if any team forgets to write it down or ask to will not get it once the time is up. It creates a perfect getaway when folks start singing, making music from utensils, and whatever they can get their hands on, small games through challenge make a perfect symphony of teamwork. Also, precious lessons like taking everyone in the team along & different members of a team bringing in different strengths to overcome challenges bubble up to the surface without much prodding by the Facilitators.

Teams are often interested in doing something extraordinary but not sure if the team will take this much pressure or the amount of endurance required to complete the task. Taking this challenge is something the team should do once in a while to see if the teams are awake, can handle pressure, work under pressure, and look at the big picture. Taking this challenge gives a sense of achievement, testing your endurance, you can enhance if your daily routine needs to change, or may be admitted to the gym.

Once we get the objectives our experienced conceptualizer will design the itinerary according to those objectives and endurance your team can take, have some fun.

Survival Challenge- Stay alive!

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