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Super Highway- Building bridges, Bridging teams

Experience the thrill of collaboration and the power of teamwork like never before with our exciting activity called the “Super Highway.” This one-of-a-kind group challenge is designed to inspire strategic execution, foster a sense of belongingness, encourage collaboration, and instill a sense of achievement among participants. Get ready to embark on a journey that will not only build bridges but also build strong bonds within your team.

The Challenge

Imagine a scenario where 100 to 500 participants come together to build a temporary slanted bridge. Using wooden sticks, logs, planks, cotton rope, and rattan, your team will construct a sturdy yet visually captivating bridge. The addition of natural textures and materials like rattan will enhance the aesthetics of the bridge, making it a treat for the eyes.

Once the slanted bridge is completed, our expert coordinators will assess its viability and safety. Ensuring that the bridge can withstand the challenge ahead is of utmost importance. If the bridge passes the inspection, it’s time to earn your PDO (Project Development and Operation) card – your ticket to the ultimate team-building experience.

The Action

As the anticipation builds, the Super Highway activity takes an exciting turn. Round objects, such as giant balls, tumbleweeds, or shrubs, are introduced at the start point of the bridge. Your task? Navigate these obstacles while crossing the slanted bridge as a team. It’s not just about reaching the other side; it’s about doing so with collaboration, coordination, and shared determination.

Key Takeaways

Participating in the Super Highway activity offers a multitude of takeaways that extend far beyond the wooden bridge:

Strategic Execution: The activity highlights the importance of strategic planning and execution. Every team member’s contribution is crucial to successfully building the bridge and navigating the obstacles.

Sense of Belongingness: Collaborating on a common goal fosters a sense of belongingness within the team. It reinforces the idea that every individual plays a vital role in the larger picture.

Collaboration: Effective communication and teamwork are the backbone of the Super Highway. The activity encourages participants to work together harmoniously to achieve a common objective.

Bigger Picture: Building the slanted bridge and crossing it with obstacles showcases the significance of seeing the bigger picture. It’s a valuable lesson in focusing on long-term goals amidst immediate challenges.

Sense of Achievement: Completing the Super Highway challenge is a testament to your team’s abilities. The shared sense of accomplishment reinforces the team’s unity and boosts morale.

Interesting Facts about the Super Highway

  • The Super Highway activity was inspired by real-life construction projects that require collaboration and careful planning.
  • The materials used in building the slanted bridge mirror traditional construction methods while adding an element of creativity.
  • The use of rattan not only adds a natural aesthetic but also serves as a durable material with a long history of use in construction.
  • The Super Highway activity has been proven to enhance team dynamics, boost employee engagement, and improve problem-solving skills.
  • The concept of introducing round objects to the bridge is derived from real-world challenges that engineers and builders often face during construction.

Join us in unlocking the potential of your team through the Super Highway activity. Discover the thrill of teamwork, the joy of accomplishment, and the beauty of overcoming challenges together. Contact us to book this incredible experience and watch your team bridge gaps, both metaphorically and literally!

Super Highway

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