Street Beat

It’s a festival of fun! There are few experiences as engaging as a spectacular street festival. Combining entertainment and energy, these urban carnivals are a feast of sound and color. In Street Beat, teams get to create their celebration while honing in on important conference messages. 

To begin with, talented choreographers and percussionists will lead participants through a tutorial on sound and movement. Using unconventional instruments such as dustbin lids, wheelie bins, and drainpipes, each small group will learn how to produce sounds and incorporate them into impressive performance. 

With limited time and physical resources, groups will need to come together and use their collective creativity, hard work, and energy to ensure a spectacular finale. Costumes will also have an urban feel, with high-vis vests, gloves, and hardhats, an example of what will be provided for the final performance. 

Street Beat is a team-building, unifying experience that will create shared memories and lasting lessons. Your people will be prepared to face any challenge and beat any competition.

Street Beat

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