Shirt Painting– Fabric painting

With the perfect shape of the brush in hand and different paint colors, fabric painting is the ideal way to unwind! We can make our fabric painting team-building sessions as easy or as complicated as you like, from merely painting in various colors to advanced brush techniques, mixing paints, and color theory!

Let’s take up a task and design fancy and cool suits for everyone, from the most conventional formal clothing lover to the bohemian artist of the office. We will begin with all the basics brush and paint techniques while having fun and creating something useful to take home, such as a cushion cover or table cloth for an unforgettable corporate team-building experience. 

The best suggestion or generous idea is to donate these t-shirts in beautiful, bright colors to needy children’s homes after the event. This has an added benefit, a memorable corporate! Meeting and fun session for the participants and your company and a social contribution, all in one!

Shirt Painting

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