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Search & Rescue- Treasure hunt

The time is ticking! A plane has just crashed on the Estate. Before it crashed the Pilot managed to bail out successfully. The Pilot is now believed to be injured and unable to move; he is now lying injured somewhere on the Estate. The plane had a ‘live’ nuclear device on board. The Pilot managed to parachute out of the plane just before the crash.

The good news is that the nuclear device has not detonated yet. However, its timer has been started. The Team has only three hours until the bomb explodes. Teams must recover the pilot and deactivate the nuclear device within that time! Using a compass & and booklet the Teams must spread out and commence the Search and rescue using the limited information they have. It is not a head-to-head challenge. Teams will have to work together to achieve a common goal set by the employer. The entire group of participants will be successful only after completing all tasks, challenges, navigation, saving the Pilot, and safely deactivating the bomb. Participants are on foot for the duration of the Mission.

Additional Information: Teams are provided with all the information they need to commence the challenge in a briefing at Base Camp. The distance covered on foot is 5.5 kilometers between the Two Teams. (50 minutes of walking per Team). 

Benefits: Group cooperation is a must. It provides high energy and amusement throughout the group!

Search & Rescue

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