Rock Dhol

Team-building rocks! Music is perhaps mankind’s greatest invention – a unifying, inspirational phenomenon; it is the soul’s food and knows no racial, cultural, or language barriers. 

In Rock Dhol, teams will each create a soundtrack for inclusion on the final company CD. Qualified musicians will guide participants through the ins and outs of percussion, guitar, keyboard, and vocals, teaching individuals to play their particular instrument. Their output is then recorded and, once the various workshops have concluded, each team will assist the sound engineer with mixing each section. Upon completion of this process, a unique CD is produced by the finished product. 

This is not instrumental, however, lyrics will need to be also penned, as well as the design of the CD sleeve complete with contents. Teams will then change into provided costumes for a photo shoot with a professional photographer to complete the challenge. 

Rock dhol is a comprehensive team-based challenge that requires individuals to use their unique skills for the group’s good. Working towards a common goal, each team comes together to achieve a tangible result – a unique, limited-edition CD.

Rock Dhol

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