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Rock Climbing

“Hands sweating, Adrenaline pumping, eyes on the mark, and thought of rewards as you only have a few more meters to climb”

You grip this mighty rock with tired fingers, face with all the strength left in your body, and lift yourself a little higher up its near-vertical surface…

Nothing but pure self-belief has brought you so far and will get you going…”

The mountains of Sahyadris have huge pinnacles to its heart that are shaped like a nose or thumb. The sights from the top are incredible as one can overlook a winding stretch of the Sahyadri range, dosed in shades of green and sunlight.

Climb up the near-vertical, natural rock faces of Sahyadirs along with the office colleagues and experience the power of accomplishing an extremely hard task. Each one has different requirements and experience in climbing, and we provide unique patches for beginners to experts.

Rock climbing is a test of self-belief, strength, concentration, and coordination as well as skills and technique. A core climber learns from experience that the mountains must not be taken for granted. It is the best way to test those guts and discover your ‘X-factor’.

Come join us for an elite club of climbers you will never want to leave.

Rock Climbing

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