Revel Music

Drum up some inspiration for your participants with this powerful team-building activity. The drum has been a tool of human communication for millennia throughout the world. Despite its simplicity of construction, a drum has the power to stir multiple emotions through the power and subtlety of its rhythms. In more recent times, it has been proven that drumming causes people to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and motivated.

With this in mind, why not introduce your participants to the unifying, energizing, and inspirational effect of these wonderful instruments? Revel Music is a highly effective drum workshop that concentrates all of this power into less than 60 minutes of positive, team-building activity. Perfect when time and space are limited, Revel Music is also designed to take place in the main conference room without the need for breakout rooms.

To begin, participants are given a choice of drums and percussion instruments from around the world. The beginners will be given lessons on drumming and the language of rhythm using non-verbal communication techniques by our expert instructors. Once participants can play proficiently as one with a group rhythm, musical breaks, and solos are added to create a layered and complex shared musical experience that will take everyone’s breath away. The feeling of having been part of this event will inspire your participants to face any challenge, no matter how intimidating. 

Revel Music is a quick yet spectacular experience that will unify and invigorate any group.

Revel Music

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