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Rendering Robin-hood– Touching hearts the fun way

Team building events are something preplanned events where the organization stakes their employees may be team-wise, project teams, or newcomers to get them to understand and feel the meaning of staying close in teams or working as a team. Not only these events where team building can take place but other events can cater some time for team building without disturbing its original meaning. May be annual days, CSR, HR months, or cultural routine.

We do recommend companies not only organize these events but change how these events are taken, though in some countries organizations are not legally compelled to be “socially responsible” but just the feeling of owing back to society’s need for it immerges. Wherein India CSR is mandatory for each organization this is where the government has laid some guidelines for organizing. This is something while focusing on the ultimate aim of establishing footsteps in the market along with generating revenue organization should feel that they owe something back to society, Corporate social responsibility may be building needy things such as schools, libraries, community centers, children’s parks, developing gardens may be providing needy things like clothing, utility packs, cycles to the needy students. These things are also team building activities where the whole squad is involved in creating something beautiful not as it seems but something needs to be done for the upbringing of the society.

We are taking your teams somewhere your squad could fill the shoe of robin-hood, cycling challenge new YOU in the town and people are interested because everyone is too comfortable around this and happy about doing something for society. All of us received a bicycle in childhood and it is still as fresh as it was yesterday because it was the first ever mechanic-based commute of our lives. Big yellow colored, wrapped in a giant box, showing them around the neighborhood was the ultimate fun.

But there are a lot of families who cannot afford bicycles every time so we can help them afford a bicycle now with the Bicycle building challenge we can offer new bicycles of old ones fully restored.

This is an extraordinary way to infuse the conference with energy and create a feeling of immense goodwill and a sense of meaning larger than day-to-day work challenges. We can partner with an NGO of your choice – or we can suggest a few good ones ourselves to get the children secretly to the venue.

Benefits of my team doing the Rendering Robin Hood! – Touching Hearts the Fun Way?

This is a great activity to build teamwork and cooperation. Teams are monitored throughout the event to get expected results and create momentum for high performance, which helps stick together the whole time. The team will have some guidelines laid down along with 1 instructor the whole time to get any help if needed in terms of equipment, assembly, and keeping in check the ware about of the teams. Just to make sure everyone is engaged properly.

Most importantly though – This fun-filled team challenge results in real bicycles for real kids in need! What a way to give back to the community – and what a way to send a message to the entire team! 

Rendering Robin-hood

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