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Raft Building

TSUNAMI has hit the city and flood is everywhere, you are asked to prepare and evacuate the teams out of the area and get a safe place. Now, due to disaster nothing is available as a solid supply and you are stuck with piles of material washing off the layer. Use that material layer to freeze a raft and use it as a transportation means. Teams will have limited supplies to build the raft and nothing is out there to rescue in mishap so make sure it will last long enough to get to the safe place. Supply- Tubes, Bamboo, Nylon rope, Kathiya, Bamboo planks, and floating material to use as a lifejacket. For Activity- The team will have to bid for the material and some of the buying to make with virtual money provided to you.

Teams are presented with an outwardly impossible task: construct a seaworthy vessel quickly with unlikely building materials. This inspirational corporate event helps couples discover how innovation and blending skills from different individuals can make difficult tasks easier.

Can your team sail the high season on the ship that teamwork built?
Essentially Flat Out – Afloat is a challenge that hinges on project management, group communication, and keeping a cool head under pressure. Every team member has a role to play like a Marketing team, finance team, design, and quality control, and the challenge’s finale involves the seemingly impossible: launching the newly completed crafts and keeping them afloat.
With a choice of race, regatta, sea battle, or underwater treasure challenge, the adventure unfolds on a place on a lake, pool, or the open sea as a stunning conclusion to a rewarding day.

Raft Building

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