Pumpkin Race- Creativity meets team spirit!

Are you ready to take your team engagement to a whole new level? Say hello to the Pumpkin Race – a one-of-a-kind experiential outbound training activity that’s all about designing, collaborating, and racing your very own pumpkin muscle!

Unleash Your Inner Engineer and Designer:

The Pumpkin Race is not just a race; it’s an immersive experience that challenges your team’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Imagine receiving a pre-activity kit that’s brimming with potential – a big, robust pumpkin, wheels ready for action, rods to fashion the perfect shafts, bolts, ties, metal wires, stickers for a dash of personality, a cutter to give your pumpkin that adorable charm, and even stationery to bring your wildest design dreams to life.

The adventure begins as your team dives into the kit, bringing together elements of design, engineering, and innovation. As the clock ticks away, you’ll sculpt, assemble, and adorn your pumpkin muscle, transforming it from a humble gourd into a speed-hungry contender. Every twist of a bolt, every stroke of a marker, and every collaborative decision is a step towards creating a masterpiece on wheels From Pumpkin to Speed Demon.

But the journey doesn’t stop at creation. Teams will have the chance to channel their inner marketers and pitch their pumpkin muscles to the world. What’s the story behind your design? What makes your pumpkin a unique contender in this thrilling race? Pre-sales pitches, and marketing gimmicks – it’s all part of the strategy to showcase the heart and soul poured into your creation.

As the whistle blows, the racetrack beckons. The excitement reaches its peak as your pumpkin muscle hurtles down the track, wheels spinning, and hearts racing. It’s a showdown of creativity, engineering prowess, and teamwork. Will your pumpkin muscle emerge victorious, crossing that finish line with a triumphant roll?

But the Pumpkin Race isn’t just about the race itself. It’s about flexing those creative muscles, fostering innovation, and fostering collaboration within your team. From brainstorming designs to fine-tuning engineering feats, every step of the process encourages agility and out-of-the-box thinking. It’s more than a race; it’s an opportunity to unite, learn, and grow as a team.

Pumpkin Race-

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