Open Lake Swimming

You have leverage for open lake swimming, that either you can go for open lake swimming after Raft building or post water activities, Open lake swimming will help to build a team and coordination, Helping the other team member if needed, You can find the best out of the least, Get to know the leader and follow the team.

Open lake swimming shows the individual perspective to save yourselves off course you all are tied up with a life jacket, we won’t allow to anyone swim without it but still team has to complete the task.

There were 49 participants in the team and 6 people were too afraid to get into the water but after encouraging theme they threw themselves into the water and tries to swim, Life jacket kept them above the water, and boy level but they were too afraid after getting into the water and finally, they make out to get themselves stable and when they saw the rest team is almost cover the half target trust me no one was that much happy and ready to catch them and finally Mrs. Yadav, 36-year-old IT engineer had guts and tried her best, believe me, what she did was remarkable and unbelievable, of course, she could make it first but stood 7th in race.

Who creates the race? Who makes out the best from something, was us? Not exactly but we gave what she needed encouragement and she achieved what she deserved.

That is how job life is you need to make out your own and the team will stand behind every step you take.

Open Lake Swimming

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