Movie Making - Lights, Camera, Action!

We are certain that all of us have seen a movie or play in the theater, it takes a numerous effort, a great amount of teamwork, communication, coordination, creativity, leadership, and time management to pull this off.

We at Youphoria Hospitality and Outdoors now turn this exciting filmmaking activity into a mesmerizing new challenge, called The Movie making Challenge. In this challenge, every single person has to perform and play their role precisely and contribute to her strength and become a film production company. Pick the subject from a bowl full of tricky subjects and mix Bollywood movies with classical cinema, messages to society, plays, etc.  

The team will have a limited budget and Youphoria Hospitality will provide all the necessary equipment required to make a movie although the team will have a sufficient amount of equipment. Teams will have to go through buying all that stuff in bidding. Manage the balance between props, costumes, cameras, and sound equipment. Some of the items are only available to one team who dares to bid first or on a high amount and the rest will get substitute items. Allotting work, such as scripting, performance, directing, shooting cinematography, choreography, singing, performing stunts, and editing has to be there. Our instructors will help through this journey of making a movie – handling & using the camera, editing, etc. Serious teamwork will be essential for the success of this event.

Generally, at show time team makes a great decision some of them can’t think of any and stay with the same timeline. They may be confident enough that they have taken the necessary steps to make this successful journey and hence no need for change. The last-minute rush, changes in the script, cold fits, and nervousness buzz the whole place with energy. The excitement is contagious.

Then it is the beginning of the beautiful end of an incredible performance. The cheering, the gratitude, the appreciation, the laughter, and the smiles happen in big measure, as each team screens their masterpiece for the rest of the groups to savor.

Movie Making – Lights, Camera, Action!

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